After davenig Friday morning, we had a great country style breakfast catered by our hosts at Mitzpe Rimon. Our first destination was Masada; we hiked the back of the mountain arriving at the top where our guide Gili explained the rich and sad history of the place. After saying a bye to Gili - the YKTH tour guide, we took the cable carts down and headed to the Yam Hamelach. It was such a cool experience floating in the salty sea, all of us then took much needed showers to remove all the salty salt. Finally it was time for the highlight of the grand trip; Shabbos in chevron, before entering chevron we boarded special bullet proof buses for the safety of our journey. In Chevron we strayed at the Gutnick center, a 2 minute walk from Meoras Hamachpaila. Friday night we davend by the Meorah, also having a really nice Seder Niggunim. That nights Shabbos meal was leibidik, we were in chevron and it was YKTH’s last Friday night, So we farbreinged and sang the night away. Shabbos morning we all said Tehillim at the Mehora, learnt chassidus on the grass with danishes and Shoko besakit and then davend Shachris. After the Seudah, Rabbi Mordy Hellinger one of the shluchim to Chevron took us on an amazing tour. He showed us the Avrham Avinu shul, where Shalhevet a’’h was killed, the Kevarim of Rus and Yishai and even the kever of Rebbetzien Menucha Rachel. We then went to the home of Chevrons head Shaliach Rabbi Danny Cohen, he spoke to us about his shlichus and we sang niggunim together. After Marriv and Havdala we went back to the Arad Guesthouse for Melave Malke and good night’s sleep.

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