Sunday morning for the first time in YKTH history we went to the Blind Museum in Cholon.  Our guide is blind and the whole museum is pitch black, so we got to understand to some extent what it means to be blind, it was a very thought provoking and awakening part of our trip. Our final stop was Kfar Chabad, we saw the 770 replica, kehos and got a tour of the Rober leather factory. At 6 pm it was time for the Grand YKTH 5777 Gala Banquet, set up in a nice kefar Chabad hall we had an enjoyable full course dinner. Certain bochurim who excelled for different things throughout the summer were recognized and rewarded, Mivtza Torah bochurim got personalized leather bound siddurim and the YKTH director presented  every staff member a beautiful gift.


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