Over the last 15 years, under the Leadership of Chabad of Tzfas, Yeshivas Kayitz Tzeirei Hashluchim has earned itself an international reputation as the institution where the highest standards of Gashmius and Ruchnius come together. 

Designed for Bachurim entering grades 9 through 11, our goal is to enhance every Talmid's level of Learning, Davening, and Chassidishe Hanhogoh, while thoroughly exploring Eretz Yisroel.

We offer a strong academic program with personalized level-based learning, which is complimented with numerous on-site and off-site activities, professional sports leagues, Shabbatons, and excursions throughout all parts of the country. The Yeshivas Kayitz is housed in a homey and beautiful air-conditioned campus in Tzfas.

The key to our success are the exemplary staff who ensure that every single Bachur maximizes his potential, and has the greatest experience  - both physically and spiritually.

Yeshivas Kayitz Tzeirei Hashluchim operates independently from Yeshivas Tzeirei Hashluchim Tzfas.


Thank you for an amazing experience! Shmueli loved every minute and he has grown tremendously!
— M.B. Brooklyn, NY
Thank you for giving Moshe an amazing summer experiences where Torah comes to life (as only Eretz HaKadosh can do). It defiantly got him ready for his first year in yeshiva.
— B.O. Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for what sounds like a fantastic program! Yakov came back with glowing reports and heaps of accolades. The experience has been thoroughly educational, historical and recreational. Yakov has had the most amazing summer of his life.
— M.K. London, England