One of the special rewards that the bochurim who learnt Mivtza Torah recive, is a Scuba diving trip. So 5AM Thursday morning while all were still fast asleep 37 bochurim made their way to the buses for the trip. We made a minyan shachris on the bus, and shortly thereafter arrived and the beautiful waters of Chaifa. The black scuba suit was fun trying to get on, each bochur had his own personal scuba trainer. 6 meters down for 25 minutes was awesome, we got to see the amazing underwater world of sea creatures. We then met up with the rest of camp on a cruise ship, docked in the middle of the sea. On board the 3 floored ship there was a Jacuzzi, extension water slide moon bounce and a trampoline. While on the ship speed boats were constantly pulling up and taking shifts tubing and parasailing. In the midst of all the fun, a small boat showed up with a delivery of hot fresh pizza. Eventually we came back to the dock and went onto to the busses, we arrived 10 minutes later at camel back riding and ropes course. What a blast we had, the ropes course included a 50 foot high bungee jump and we literally got to ride the camels in the hot desert just like our ancestors. That night we went to Mitzpe Rimon where we had a delicious BBQ followed by a bonfire and Kumzitz.

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