Early Wednesday morning YKTH arose, davend, ate breakfast and set out to what was going to be an incredible once in a life time trip. We drove 3 hours until we reached the famous Yad Vashem Holocaust museum, after a pita falafel lunch we split into 3 groups, each with our own tour guide we began the tour. First we saw a memorial for the one and a half millon children who were brutally murdered, after which we entered the museum. It was an emotionally life changing experience, aside for acquiring a much better understanding of what many of our  family’s suffered through, it also gave a profound appreciation for who we are and what we have the power to achieve. We then went to a gorgeous view point for mincha followed by scrumptious subs. For the night we stayed in Arad at a lovely and spacious Youth guesthouse, after playing the mother/father camper game we davend marriv and went to bed.