Mivtzoim and Kever Arizal

This past Friday morning YKTH split up into 5 groups, each going to a different part of the Holy Land, from Kirat Shemone to chatzar, with Teffilin in our hands we conqured the roads, shops and kiosks of Israel. All together we were able to lay Tefflin with over 40 Yidden!! Afterwards we gathered at the famous Tzvas cemetery, went to the Arizals Mikva and then davend at his Kever. What was so special and unique was the thousends of yidden we got to see, all there in honor of the Yartzeit of the Arizal. At camp we got ready for Shabbos with some fabulous hot farbeisen followed by Mincha, Seder niggunim, Kabbolas Shabbos and a delicous Friday night Shabbos meal and Farbrengens.

Click here for pics.