Former Arab Muslim- terrorist hunter speaks

Tonight Hay Av, we had a jaw dropping, stomach churning, emotional and life altering evening, where we all experienced a complete paradigm shift. Rabbi Avraham Sinai came and spoke to us about his incredible childhood and young adult life. Born in Lebanon to a religious Shia Muslim family, his brothers being in the Lebanese army created a great quarrel between them and their fellow Muslims, leading to the 13 brothers defending continuous attacks from the newly established Hezbollah terrorist organization. He then befriended an Israeli soldier-after the soldier delivered his child thereby making a deep bond with Israel in general, to the extent that he informed the Israelis before every Hezbollah attack. Eventually he was captured, terrible things then happened including them doing horrible and unimaginable torture sessions as well as killing his baby with boiling hot gasoline. One year later they let him go, he then became one of Israel’s top Arab spies, himself killing numerous threats to Israel including planting a bomb right outside the home of Hassan Nasrallah. In 2000 he moved to Tzfas and after a few years become a Ger Tzedek, all in all the bochurim were impacted tremendously and very inspired. 

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