Grand Yerushalaim Shabbaton Day #3/4 5777

After a very uplifting and rousing Shabbos we davend Marriv at the Kosel Hama'aravi, followed by a gorgeous YKTH group photo right in front of the Kosel. Gili our tour guide then took us on a jaw-dropping tour atop the walls of the old city of Yerushalaim, ending at Shaar Tzion. For Melava Malka; it was hot, tasty and fresh pizza on the Diaspra rooftop, after benching and Krias shema we retired for the night. 

Bright and early Sunday morning after davening Shachris, we got to go into the tunnels beneath the Kosel and Arab quarter, together with our brilliant tour guide Shlomo we had the great zechus of saying Tehillim at the closest possible place to the Kodesh Hakodoshim, followed by mouthwatering and delectable pita falafel sandwiches. With Gili on board we headed to Ammunition Hill, beginning with an awe inspiring presentation on its rich and moving history. Outside we were then able to go through the actual trenches and bunkers, where the Israelis fought the Jordanians! The next place we went really shook us to the core - Pantry Packers. We learnt what it meant to help those that are less fortunate than us, for 2 hours straight we filled, sealed and packed food for the poor and needy of Eretz Yisroel. After Mincha it was time for another culture shock; the Geula neighborhood. Jews of all shapes and sizes bustling about its hectic streets, - it is an amazing sight. For dinner we each got to go to the eatery of our choice, and then went shopping for gifts for family and friends ;).

Marriv was davend in the beautiful 770 replica in Ramat Shlomo. Our magnificent 4 day journey was coming to an end, as we got onto to the busses and headed back to camp. 2 hours later a symphony of snoring bochurim pulled up to Hagdud Hashlishi 5, Tzvas Israel, miraculously we all made it up to bed and immediately fell into a deep deep sleep. Thank you YKTH for an unforgettable and memorable trip!

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