Grand Yerushalaim Shabbaton Day #2 5777

Early morning on Erev Shabbos Kodesh, YKTH is ready to rumble. After trekking down to the old city of Yerushalim for Mikva, we davend Shacharis and ate a delicious breakfast. The excitement was palpable as we walked down the steep and windy road to Ir Dovid. When we arrived we were graciously greeted by our tour guide Yehuda, who so eloquently explained the rich history of the old Davidic city. He also told us about the fascinating excavations and archeological findings that were taking place right in front of our eyes. The most awesome part of it all was when we entered the incredible water tunnels of Chizkiyahu HaMelech. While holding flashlights and getting soaked in the tunnel waters we sang and danced our way through. We then hiked back up to the Diaspora Yeshiva, dried off and to the Machene Yehuda shuk we went. It was a total blast bargaining with the Israeli  shopkeepers followed by a real shuk style lunch. Back down Yaffa street we went while demonstrating to all, the real YKTH spirit. After preparing for Shabbos it was time for the  extreme highlight of our trip, Friday night at the Kosel HaMaravi. Dressed in our Shabbos clothes, we walked down the streets of the old city until we reached the Kosel, one can definitely feel the intense energy and emotion gushing through the veins, as many of the bochrim kissed the Kosel for the first time, as the Freediker Rebbe famously did in 1929. It was now time for Seder Niggunim, all 103 members of YKTH sat around, right in the center of the Kosel plaza. As thousands of yidden of all types looked on, we began singing Tzama lecha nafshi, slowly but surely the others joined in until YKTH lit the divine flames in which all were engulfed, it was truly a unprecedented site to behold. 

At the Shabbos seuda that night in the Diaspora hall, Rabbi Chaim Kaplan head shliach to Tzvas spoke to us on how as Chabad chassidim we ought to view the Kosel. It was an inspiring and meaningful Friday night, chassidishe Farbrengens followed the seuda as many took on special hachlotos in honour of the occasion. We then said krias shema, lied down and went to sleep, good shabbos YKTH.

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