Grand trip!

Wow! what a crazy awesome trip this was, where do I even start? let's start early Friday morning when we got up before it was even light outside, we said goodbye to the place where we spent the past 6 awesome weeks and got on the buses to head down to southern Israel.

our first stop, masada! we arrived while it was still cool outside and started our hike up the mountain, and boy was that hike worth it, to be able to see the remains or strutures from thousands of years ago and to see the magnifisant view. then from there, we took a short drive to the dead sea where we got to float and ate lunch.

Then off to chevron where we spent the best Shabbos we had, from the farbrengens Friday night to the tour of chevron shabbos afternoon, it was worth every moment spent there. Then motzie shabbos we left and headed to Mitzpe Ramon and went to sleep.

Sunday morning we got up, davened, had a full breakfast, and then on our way to Eilat and had the most fun anyone could have on the water, there was something there for everyone to do. we got to relax in the cruise ship, go down a water slide into the ocean, go tubing, and even got to go parasailing. After that, we went down the road to go camel back riding and rope coursing, what a crazy day this was. we headed back to Mitzpe Ramon and had a bbq and bomb fire.

Monday was another full day, we got to check out a lot of cool places in Kfar Chabad including the place where Rober makes all of their leather seforim. and then we went to the coolest museum I have ever been to, the blind museum! that was an expiriance I will never forget.

Monday evening we all gathered in Kfar Chabad for the most fanciest banquet, and said our goodbyes to the best, most awesome summer I could ever ask for. 

Thank you YKTH for a summer of a lifetime 

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