Getting started...

It’s been barely two days since our buses made their way up the windy hills of Tzfas and pulled up in front of our beautiful YKTH campus. Two days, but it feels like we’ve been here for months. After the long flight to Eretz Yisroel, wasting no time we jumped straight into our full blown learning schedule.

Shiurim were quickly set up and our top tier magidei shiurim introduced. fascinating shiurim fill the day. starting with chassidus before davening, follows by an amazing curriculum covering the different aspects of maachalei Aku”m, as well as an exclusive YKTH study of Eretz Yisroel.

Complimented by a complete half day sports schedule, which will lead us to the highly anticipated draft Motzei Shabbos, kicking off leagues. Stay tuned for details.

Not to mention the revolutionary program called Tzfas Elite that was kicked off Wednesday night. The program encourages and assists us bochurim to appreciate the unique position they are in as Yidden, Chassidim and especially as Temimim. This recognition translates into increased focus on keeping to higher standards in all areas of our life, be it the way we speak, dress, and even raven and learn. For a Tomim every must ‘Past!

A daily Duch is filled out via state of the art kiosks, as the program is based around the real world credit card system, in which to be a card member, there higher profile the card, the card member is held to certain standards - be it in yearly income or basic spending, in order to be eligible to tap into the Benefits of the card.

To finish off the day, Mivtzah Torah was launched. A program giving bochurim the extra push to put in the time and effort to finish the entire Meseches Makos!

Tomorrow will bring its own adventures...and we’ve only been here for two days....