Shabbos Yerushalayim!

The highlight of the summer has arrived! After nearly 3 weeks in Eretz
Yisroel, we’re finally heading to Yerushalayim. We boarded early
Thursday morning, and headed straight to Latrun, museum and memorial.
We learnt about the legendary IDF tanks, how they developed over the
years and different battle they fought. Some pictures on the tanks,
and a sandwich lunch wrapped up the first leg of our trip.

Next we were onto the caves of Bar Kochva. Climbing through was sure a
squeeze. A tour guide showed us around the area and told us all about
the history.

Kever Rochel was very special, as we davened mincha and spent a few
minutes saying tehillim.

Arriving at our base for Shabbos was very exciting - a campus built
right outside the old city of Yerushalayim, just above Kever Dovid was
more than ideal . Made of ancient stones, and outdoor passage between
rooms gave the legit Yerushalayim experience.
After a magic show bye Rabbi Victor Atiya, it couldn’t get more
surreal than when music and dancing spring up in the courtyard outside
our rooms in honor of Chamisha Asar B’av. It’s almost as if YKTH had
arranged it for us!!

Friday we were busy touring Ir Dovid, and it’s epic water tunnels.
Erev Shabbos wouldn’t be complete without spending some time in Shuk
Machane Yehuda to pick up some lunch, and shop around in the madness.

Heading down to be Kosel, a first for many was amazing. A spirited
Seder nigunim and kabbolas Shabbos attracted big crowds around us.
Lively shabbos meals and beautiful farbrengens filled the shabbos, as
well as a quick tour around the Old City.

After shabbos we enjoyed tons of pizza and a cool presentation from a
senior general in the IDF.

Sunday came, and the fun continued! After touring the Kosel Tunnels,
packing packages for Kollel Chabad and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
filled our afternoon. Supper on Geula, and the shopping craziness
adding a whole new flavor.
A stop at Ramat Shlomo at the 770 for maariv and the marathon was
over....till the next day...


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