Tzfas Elite program!!!

As the summer reaches its half way point, it’s realy hitting a high. 

The counselors initiative Tzfas Elite has really taken off. The program is designed to give the bochurim an appreciation for the special role they play as Yidden, Chassidim and especially Temimim in the Rebbe’s Yeshivos. Along with this appreciation comes a feeling of responsibility to live up to the position we are in. The program has brought to Yeshiva a focus, that there are things that “Past” and  “‘Past Nisht” for Temimim. Playing out both in the positive and the negative, there are things we are expected to do, and things that we are expected to stand above and avoid. 

The program is designed after a real-world credit card system.  Innovative and exciting, no bochur could hold back from getting involved and giving it a try. The modern system also allows the bochurim to easily track their progress and make practical goals for themselves. 

Every bochur began with a basic Tzfas Elite Blue card. Basics that are expected from a bochur on a daily basis are available for ‘purchase’ everyday on the Tzfas Elite Kiosks. Chitas and rambam are stressed along with other chasidishe hanhagos. The bochurim check off what they do each day and their total spending is automatically updated. A minimum threshold was set for the Blue card to give them a goal to work towards. 

Once their threshold is met, the bochurim are eligible to apply for the Tzfas Elite Red card. Moving up in the ranks, the Red cardholders have more things to purchase daily, encouraging them to grow, and set higher standards for themselves. 
They are also rewarded for their efforts, with a signup bonus and other perks. 

Tzfas Elite also hosts bi-weekly Elite events where tre bochurim are guaranteed a good time and a full stomachs. Four course gourmet meals prepared and served, every bochur walks away wow’d and committed to continue his efforts to guarantee that he be invited to the next Elite Event. The excitement amongst the bochurim over the Events is really outstanding. 

Bh Tzfas Elite is off to an amazing start. Many bochurim are involved, making new hachlatos and growing in every area of yiddishkeit and chasidishkeit. 
To get an update on your sons Tzfas Elite status, feel free to WhatsApp at 


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