Color War!!!

It all started in the middle of our second sports activity, a
massive Israeli tractor with an even more Israeli driver rolled right up, into the
center of our football field. All the bochurim gathered around asking him to leave,
but he said he had strict orders to be here, even the director came out to help but
to no avail. Suddenly we got showered by a plethora of water balloons,
we looked up and saw the staff all on the roof of the 4 story yeshiva complex,
shouting and singing color war. The generals and captains were chosen, teams divided, and the fun began. First were these hilarious skits, followed by team time
with loads if farbaisen. The jobs were split up and a select group from each team
spent the night up preparing the song and play– or at least trying to prepare. When we awoke on the morning we found the zal plastered with signs
containing information of great importence and intelligence. Throughout the day
we had a whole array of deiffrent competions such as basketball, hockey, baking,
photography, game show, acting and singing. 

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