Israeli naval base, Winery, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

At YKTH we are sometimes privy to places and things that are normally off limits for the general public. Fortunately for us today was one of those times; the second in command in the Israeli navy, personally invited us to the central Naval operations base for Israel, located right off the Chaifa shores. We got to see humongous battleships, where at any given time is home to 60 officers ready to defend us - their dear brothers and sisters. Israel’s submarines were then shown to us, along with special permission to walk atop its conning tower. It was then off to the well-known Galil Winery, beginning with the opportunity to taste 3 unique types of dry wine, followed by a grand tour of the Galils impressive wine production, from the vineyard all the way to the bottle. As memorabilia, we were given a glass wine cup with the Galil logo. On the way back to Yeshiva we stopped in Meron and visted the holy resting place of the Rashbi,  we davend mincha and said Tehillim at the Kever. Back at Yeshiva we went to Mikva, called home, got into our bikdei Shabos and had some delicious hot Kugel, all ready in unison to greet the Shabbos Malka.

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