Tisha B'Av in YKTH

It was a very sad and mournful 24 hours in YKTH. Being that we are in Eretz Yisroel, the very land that the Beis Hamikdash stood for hundreds of years, our Tisha B'Av took on a whole new light and meaning. With tears streaming down the eyes of many bochurim we sat down on the cold tiled floor, for bread & eggs dipped in ashes. We then convened in the central multi-purpose room for Marriv and Eicha, led by HaRav Meir Shlomo Gordon - distinguished Baal Koireh at 770 Eastern Pkwy A.K.A Chabad Headquarters. The next morning we Davend a heartfelt Shachris followed by Kinus and Eicha, then watched highly educational historical documentaries on Israel and the Holocaust. After a good nap and plenty of YKTH time, we put on Tefflin for Mincha, watched a Video of the Rebbe then davend Marriv. And so after much davening we were certain Hashem accepted all our Teffilos, and we’re finnaly ready for a serious Break-fast. We filled our hungry stomaches with Bagels, lox, cream cheese, salads, pastas, delicious gourmet home fries, tuna without tartare and yummy egg salad. After our WHOLESOME AND HEARTY meal, we said Kiddush Levana and danced through the night in great celebration.

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