Trip #2 5777

What a geshmake day in YKTH! Beginning as always with chassidus, shacharis and a delicious breakfast. However during  learning class today we began learning something new; the historical backdrop to some of the major cities in Eretz Yisroel. Afterwards we filled up our water backpacks, davend Mincha and leaped right onto the buses. Our first stop; Dishon Traktarinim, at first we ate a good hearty lunch followed by benching. Then, we went on some heavy duty jeeps, and cruised through the rocky hills of keren naftali. We then went on an adventurous hike deep in the zemer mountains. We then all packed back onto the buses and got to go on our second Israeli shopping experience. After loading up all of our purchases, we headed straight to the center of Ramalla where we thoroughly enjoyed the blue waters of an enormous swimming pool. When we were done getting dressed, we were then treated to an amazing BBQ dinner, hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, salad and tons more!! We then benched and cleaned up and headed back to camp. At camp we davend marriv and said Krias shema, making our way to our rooms for a much needed nights rest. It was just another one of those extraordinary days for the bochurim at YKTH.

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