#1 Trip 5777!!!

10 AM Friday YKTH boarded the buses and we were off on trip #1. As we headed down the holy and historical roads of Israel, faces glued to the windows of the bus drinking in every drop of its incredible scenic views. One hour later 87 bochurim strong were standing at the foot of the glorious and famous Mount Arbel, at a whopping 181 meters, it was a sight to behold. Strapped up with our 2 liter water backpacks we began trekking the enormous rocks of the lower Galilee. We were able to see Mount Hermon and some very fascinating caves from the times of the Hurdos the great. When we got to the bottom we were greeted by much needed fully air conditioned buses and ice cold water. We then headed to the kever of the RaMbaM, where we made a siyum and said tehillim. We then proceeded to last leg of our journey, the kinnert. When we arrived, we sat down for a delicious and hearty lunch, after which we got into our bathers and jumped right into the warm waters of the kinnert. After drying off in the hot Tiberius sun we were on our way back to camp. At camp we then prepared for Shabbos with showers, Mikva and kugal, thereby going to zal and relaxing into our seats after an epically accomplishing first week at YKTH, ready for Kabbalos Shabbos.

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