We woke up Shabbos for chassidus and had delicious mezonos and headed to the Kosel for shachris, which we davened in the tunnel. We than had a meal/farbrengen led by Rabbi Lipsker from Bal Harbor FL where he said very inspiring stories. We than had a short break before we went on a tour of the old city. After the tour we went to daven at the Tzemach Tzedek shul. After mincha we went to the Kosel for another soul stirring seder niggunim where DOUBLE the amount of people showed up!! We took a group picture after Shabbos in front of the kosel! After that we walked the old city walls which is very special being, that we are in the 9 days. We headed back to our sleeping quarters where there was yummy fresh pizza waiting for us, and went to sleep because we had a very busy day ahead of us.


We woke up Sunday REAAAAAAALY early, davened shachris and went our way to the city of david, where we where led on a very enlightening tour, where we than on a fun walk through the tunnels of Cheskiyahu where he stored the water befor the second destruction of the bais hamikdash. After that, we went back to pack up and eat some good tasting Israeli falafel, and headed on our way to Colel Chabad pantry packers, where we all had the Zchus to pack for the less fortunate. We than went to yad veshem to relive the horrific events of the holocaust. We packed the busses and headed to geulah where we went shopping and had an amazing experience going shopping. AND OFF TO TZFAS WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO.