Na Na Nachman?!?!? 
What's going on?? Color war!!!! We started color war with a bang!! Shirts came in place was Wiiiild! Cheers where in the air and straight to work... Skits where very entertaining. And really really funny! The preparation for the plays are underway,  and it's looking really exciting! We awoke early the next morning, chassidus as regular, we had inspiring speeches from each team adressing the themes and making them practical! 
Plans are under way starting with a mesmerizing play about a Jewish ball player who didn't play on yom kipper because of his grandfathers will!
Next we had a heart wrenching play about a Jewish family's survival through the holocaust based off they're  smart tactics,
and to top it all off, we had a stunning paly about the capturing of eichman. 
Congratulations to team Mochin on the win!