Wow what a wonderful day we had! Starting out day with shachris. Eating a fast breakfast bc let's not forget it's Friday and Shabbos is coming in.... We board the busses as swift as we can and we are on our way!! We arrive at mount Arbel fully hydrated ready to hike. But wait there are two Yidden who didn't have a chance to lay teffillin so we make sure that they do. And let the hike begin and wow what a hike it was from starting 1500m above ground level there where beautiful views. But we had to get through many obstacles to hit the base. Where we had a yummy lunch and boarded the busses AGAIN head to tubing where we had such a blast going around the kineret in a tube boy was that fun. Anyway let's get back to the point. We had to get back for Shabbos right? So we head back to yeshiva. But not before stopping at the Rambams kever where we made a siyum on Sefer taharah..... BH we got back to yeshiva on time energized for a wonderful Shabbos
Good Shabbos