Friday Mivtzoim!

Today, Friday, the boys divided into a number of groups going to different areas nearby for Mivtzoim.

Groups went out with a shturem to Kiryat Shemona, Teveria, Carmiel, Rosh Pina, Chatzor and local in Tzfas.

B”H the bochurim were very successful giving the opportunity to many Jews to put on Tefillin, and gave out many Shabbos candle lighting kits.

Good Shabbos!

Mivtzah "Tef Hecher" Event

Since the beginning of the summer the Bochurim have been working hard to earn "dollars" on their "Tef Hecher" credit cards, by taking various hachlatos to improve their yiddishkeit and chassidishkeit. From saying Krias Shema in the correct time, with a a hat and jacket, learning Chitas and Rambam and once a week writing in to the Rebbe. This week, the Bochurim who had participated until now (almost the entire yeshivas kayitz!) were treated to an exclusive "Tef Hecher" event on the roof of the Tzfas sta"m museum; beginning at sunset, and continuing into the night.

Winery Tour - Army Base

On Friday, the Bochurim went to the Galil Mountain Winery, where we witnessed first hand the machinery of the wine-making process, learned about how they do it, and even got to taste some of their product. To truly appreciate the wine, we first had lessons in wine-tasting, frrom the smell to the swish in the glass. We were also extremely lucky to have the opportunity to visit the main army base in the Golan Heights, where we had the rare experience of seeing tanks and ammunition up close, with the explanation of the veteran military experts.

"Tractoronim" - ATVing, Hike, Swim and BBQ

On Wednesday the Bochurim headed to Dishon, halfway between Tsfas and Kiryat Shemona, for an exhilarating off road "Tractoronim" ride, stopping along the trail to take in the beautiful views, at times even being able to see Lebanon. The bochurim also hiked the Nachal Kadesh dry riverbed, ending at the Metsudat Koach. The Yeshivas Kayitz then moved on together to a large swimming facility in Kiryat Shemona where everyone enjoyed a fun and refreshing evening swim, followed by a delicious barbeque supper before heading back to Tsfas.

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Talmid Hashavua - Parshas Matos

On Thursday night, one Talmid from each class was awarded the “Talmid Hashavua” for excelling in Limmud HaTorah over this past week.

In addition to the certificate of achievement, the Talmidim were given a set of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Memoirs as a prize for their efforts.

We wish them continued success in their learning, going from strength to strength.

Good Shabbos!


Draft - First Day of Sports - Video #4

Motzei Shabbos the Talmidim gathered in the zal for a most exciting Sports Draft. The captains were announced, who then chose their co-captains and first round picks.

After which the sports directors and the captains retired behind closed doors to pick the rest of their teams.

The next day, after a morning of the usual Limmud HaTorah the bochurim received their team caps and began the first games of the 5779 sports season.