color war! Beginning Tuesday afternoon Yeshivas Kayitz was split into three teams were they had to compete with each other in various different tasks and competitions, among them a photography contest and culinary presentation. Throughout the one and a half days of color war the bochrim painted, built, acted and wrote songs to bring out the meaning of their team name. The teams were named חכמה ,בינה,דעת. And all the teams were required to learn and understand all of the team names. Color war finished with a smashing farbrengin during which the songs and gramin were presented.

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Day tour of the City of Tzfas

P.S. due to the packed schedule here in YKTH our amazing videos are a bit backed up, we are working on getting new ones out promptly. in the meantime please enjoy a few pictures to see the smiling faces.

On Tuesday, ה אב, yahrtzeit of the Arizal, the entire Yeshivas Kayitz trekked down from yeshiva to the old cemetery of tzfas to join the many people who came from all over Eretz yisroel to Daven at his kever. First stopping at the Rebbe’s brother Reb Yisroel Aryeh Leib to say a quick kapital Tehilim. The next day the bochrim were treated to an exciting and uplifting tour of tzfas. beginning with the modern day story of its capture in 1948 visiting an old army base. Continued with moving back in time to an exquisite view of the ancient city of tzfas and its many Kabbalist. Followed by an amazing presentation, delivered by a professional glass blower, about glass blowing and it’s meaning. The day finally ended with delicious pizza delivered to us in the old city, before returning to yeshiva on busses.

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Video: Friday in Yerushalayim

On Friday, after Shacharis and breakfast, the bochurim took the short walk to Ir David, where we were shown the archaeological findings of the original city of Yerushalayim under the rule of Dovid HaMelech, and even the structure which they believe may have been the palace of Dovid. We then walked through the Siloam tunnel, which was chiseled out of the rock on the directive of Chizkiyahu HaMelech, to bring the water closer into the city of Yerushalayim, in preparation for the advance of the army of Sancheriv king of Ashur. After wading through the waters of the ancient tunnel, it was time for an essential Erev Shabbos experience; the Shuk Machane Yehuda. There the bochurim navigated the massive crowds to pick up some treats for themselves, and spend money they each received for lunch. Then it was time to go back to our base on Har Tzion to prepare for Shabbos.